Indian Broker Damanpreet Singh Gets Extra Prison Time in DMV Employee Bribing Case

October 11, 2019 - Los Angeles based Indian broker Damanpreet Singh (34) was sentenced today in Sacramento to nine additional months in prison for failing to self-surrender to serve his original prison sentence.

Damanpreet Singh was originally sentenced to two years in prison on September 14, 2018 and was ordered to self-surrender to begin serving his prison time on January 4, 2019.

Instead of self-surrendering as per the court order, Damanpreet Singh, according to case documents purposefully took steps to remain out of custody by no answering his phones and driving a rental car to avoid detection.

And, when Damanpreet Singh was arrested at Burbank Airport on March 13, 2019, according to case documents, he lied to arresting officers about who he was in order to remain out of custody.

Original Case Against Damanpreet Singh
Indian broker Damanpreet Singh of Los Angeles was sentenced to two years in prison for bribing DMV employees to alter records so that unqualified drivers could receive commercial driver licenses (CDL).

According to court documents:
....between April 2016 and July 2017, Singh conspired with two DMV employees, Lisa Terraciano and Aaron Gilliam, who, in exchange for bribe payments, would alter DMV records to fraudulently show that individuals had passed DMV tests needed to obtain commercial licenses, which the applicants had not taken or passed. At least 60 individuals’ DMV records were fraudulently updated as a result of Damanpreet Singh’s conspiracy with the DMV employees. Singh received approximately $90,000 for his role in the conspiracy, some of which he in turn paid to the corrupt DMV employees.
California DMV employees Lisa Terraciano and Aaron Gilliam have pleaded guilty separately to conspiring to commit bribery, identity fraud and unauthorized access of a computer.

Besides Damanpreet Singh, Lisa Terraciano and few other DMV employees have accepted commercial driving license test related bribes from other Southern California Indians Jagpal “Paul” Singh (59), Jagdish Singh (55) Tajinder Singh (34) and Parminder Singh (27).

Jagpal “Paul” Singh (59), Jagdish Singh (55) Tajinder Singh (34) and Parminder Singh (27) were charged in a 43-count indictment in 2017 and the case is pending.