Jobs for Indians in California

Finding a good job in California is very hard for Indians if you're not a young highly qualified IT guy in Silicon Valley with a degree from a good university.

Whether it's Bay Area cities like Sunnyvale, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara or Southern California strongholds of Los Angeles, Anaheim, Artesia, Orange or San Diego the job market for non-IT guys is tight.

Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last few years has made a bad situation terrible for a lot of desi job seekers.

Indians with Green Cards stand a much better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or the so-called illegals (i.e. without work permits).

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (motels, restaurants, beauty salons, importers etc) that Indians in California can apply for.

July 22, 2017
Hayward, CA Red Roof Inn
Post: Desk Clerk
Requirements: All shifts
Call: 650-314-8339

UT Franchise Motel
Post: Manager Couple
Requirements: Experience, fluent English & computer skills
Call: 435-703-0737

Bay Area North Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Call: 415-879-5178

San Diego Nepalese Restaurant
Posts: Tandoori & Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 619-993-9386

Monterey, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager Couple
Requirements: English, computer skills & management experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 831-601-8759

7-11 Los Angeles, CA
Posts: Manager & Asst Manager
Requirements: FT/PT, all shifts available
Call: 310-721-4916

Electro-Optics Group San Jose, CA
Post: Software Engineer - Imaging Systems
Requirements: Technical experience with imaging systems, sensors, and/or cameras
embedded systems & C++ coding, BS or MS or PhD degree in Engineering &
strong industry experience, prefer resume in word format
Mail Resume:

Washington Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Chef
Call: 425-999-5464

Fresno, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager Couple
Requirements: Good communication skills
Benefits: Furnished apartment
Call: 559-903-1994

Los Angeles, CA Motel
Post: Manager Couple
Requirements: English & legal status
Call: 323-939-3772

Orange County, CA Motel
Post: Night Auditor
Requirements: For Friday, Saturday & Sunday, English and computer skills
Call: 562-552-7207

Washington State Franchise Motel
Post: Resident Manager
Requirements: Good English & computer skills
Benefits: 1-BR apartment
Call: 509-293-3726

Berkeley, CA Motel
Post:Night Shift Clerk
Requirements: Bilingual with English
Call: 510-845-7090

Sunnyvale, CA Indian Restaurant
Post: South Indian Cook
Requirements: Experience
Call: 650-743-9569

San Fernando Valley, CA Hotel
Post: Front Desk Agent
Requirements: Communication & computer skills, training provided
Call: 818-669-1371

Los Angeles, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager
b>Post: FT Manager
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 310-863-4578

Santa Cruz, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager
Requirements: Prefer online inventory/rate management, front desk & customer service experience
Call: 831-566 6767

Artesia, CA
Post: Office Administrator
Call: 562-745-5369

Los Angeles, CA Motel
Post: Manager Couple
Requirements: 3-years experience & fluent English
Call: 818-230-7861

Ventura, CA 15-RM Motel
Post:Motel Manager
Requirements: Fluent in English & computer skills & online rate/inventory
management experience
Call: 805-407-2299

Bakersfield, CA Motel
Post: 24/7 Resident Manager
Requirements: Experience, fluent English & computer skills
Call: 714-612-3329

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